When you get bitten by the décor bug but don’t want your wallet to get bitten too, your best option after freebies is to DIY it. For bare walls that are in need of some dressing, try some canvas art by Y-O-U for any room in the house.

Y-O-U isn’t a random company. It’s your inner artiste that’s gonna turn a canvas out. Fortunately, you can buy canvases in different sizes for less than ten bucks. They even come in multipacks! Other materials can be bought for a few dollars or scavenged from your house.

Down below, we’ve compiled a list of beautiful art ideas for wall canvas projects. Picture these in your space and don’t be afraid to tweak your canvas to your own style!

  1. Fabric Duck Tape Canvas Art

    canvas duck tapeDIY Candy

    Can you tell this was made with fabric Duck tape? Neither could we! Check out how it’s made over at the blog DIY Candy.

  2. Epsom Salt Sign

    canvas epsom saltCrafts by Amanda

    Is there no limit to what Epsom salt can do? When combined with canvas, you can make textured signage to hang in your kitchen like what was done at Crafts by Amanda!

  3. DIY Herringbone

    canvas herringboneMesses to Memories

    The knockout herringbone pattern on this was created with painter’s tape. For the rest of this professional-looking piece’s secrets, follow the tutorial at Messes to Memories.

  4. Canvas Wall Clock

    Drilled Canvas ClockOWN

    Leave the digital clock alone and create your own stunning wall clock by watching this video from OWN. You can make these as big or as small as you want!

  5. Panel it Up

    canvas fabric coveredTidy Mom

    Stagger a coordinated design pattern on the wall with a few pieces of fabric-covered canvases. Small or large panels can go in your living room, kids’ room, or in the bathroom, where Tidy Mom placed hers!

  6. Cut It Out

    canvas cutoutNine Red

    Sharp objects are your best friend for this striking canvas cut-out project by Nine Red. Scroll through the how-to and you’ll see the many cut-out projects that were inspired by this blogger’s creativity. Tap into your own creativity and start slicing!

  7. Personal Photos on Display

    canvas photo initialModge Podge Rocks

    For a new way to share family photos, lay them out on canvas. Add initials as an overlay like Modge Podge Rocks does in their tutorial for a cute touch!

  8. 3D Beach Scene

    canvas beach 3dMakoccino

    Bring the beach inside with this 3-dimensional canvas project by Makoccino. Make touchable sand, waves, and sea shells by following along with the instructions in this video.

  9. Elegant Backlit Canvas

    canvas backlitThe Scrap Shoppe Blog

    Make all of your guests jealous by whipping up some homemade backlit canvas artwork. They’ll all want to know where you found it once you start giving them out as gifts (or selling them). Learn how to do it at The Scrap Shoppe Blog, and don’t be afraid to customize your canvas color.


Now all you need is a blank canvas and a handful of supplies to drum up your own wall collection. If you can draw or paint like a master, then let those skills shine, and if you can’t, you can still be a DIY rock star and deck your walls out!

Which of these projects would you love to try? Have you already done some DIY wall art?