Besides the crowd and atmosphere, what can really turn a party up is the food. If it’s good, your guests will be talking about it for weeks afterwards. And if it’s not good, your guests will be talking about it for weeks afterwards. I’d lean towards having good grub that’s easy to make and can serve a lot of people.

With that in mind, why not just make the effort and bang out something tasty for your next spread? You don’t have to buy takeout or hire a caterer to handle the job. Just whip up a few dips that hit all the right notes for your next party. Because really, who doesn’t appreciate a good dip?

Warm, cold, bread, chips, bowl – however you like it, you can do it. Get ready to kill it at your holiday party, game day, or potluck. Here’s a list of our nine favorite appetizing dips to rock your next par-tay.


  1. Buffalo Chicken Dip

    buffalo chicken dipTipHero

    The dip version of buffalo wings? You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose except your relationship with regular chicken. You might even decide that life as an appetizer simply isn’t good enough and eat this one as a meal. To make light of it, try a reduced fat version!

  2. Pizza Dip

    pizza dipTipHero

    This hot dip will make you rethink the position that cold pizza has in your life. Nothing’s wrong with a little competition for the next morning’s breakfast. Word is that this dip tastes even better – if that’s even possible – on the second day.

  3. Pull Apart Bean Dip

    pullapart bean dipTipHero

    Fun and tasty is the only description. Beans, cheese, and savory flavors meet up in a skillet surrounded by warm hunks of dinner roll dough. Hunks that you get to dunk.

  4. Cheesy Bacon Dip

    bacon cheesy dipTipHero

    Bacon. Cheese. Need we say more? Dearly beloved, we should gather a group together to witness the union of these two, and then scrape the dish clean.

  5. Jalapeño Popper Dip

    jalapeno dipKelsey Kinser

    Creamy, spicy, and crunchy, this dip is like a jalapeño popper turned inside out! You might find this one to be among your most requested this game season.

  6. Philly Cheese Steak Dip

    cheesesteak dip featuredTipHero

    You might be thinking, “Philly cheesesteak in a dip – how so?” Gooey and meaty, your Philly steak authenticator might actually put his seal of approval on this one. The best part is getting to use bread for your dipping pleasure. Go ahead, try it!

  7. S’mores Dip


    S’mores tend to bring the kid out of everyone, and when you eat this you might be tempted to make airplane sounds as your dipped graham crackers swoop in towards your mouth. Mmmmm!

  8. Strawberry Pretzel Salad Dip

    strawberry dipTipHero

    If this sweet salad has you wondering where it came from, know that it’s truly out of this world! Yogurt, honey, and fresh strawberries are a nice complement to salty pretzels. This dip could actually crush it as a dessert, and if you’re feeling extra adventurous, use it for a private party like those held on Valentine’s Day.

  9. Chiles Relleno Dip

    chile rellenos dipTipHero

    Inspired by the traditional and popular Mexican dish, this version is perfect for chip dipping! Instead of being stuffed and fried, the chiles are mixed into a rich casserole that can be mild mannered or feistily spiced up.

Get with one or all of these dips for your next get-together. We won’t judge you if you decide to eat them outside of a party environment either— enjoy for lunch, dinner, or at your next book club meeting. Which of these would you try for your next gathering? Are you an appetizer fanatic? Tell us in the comments!