We are big fans of watching stylists help their clients go from a “blank canvas” to “va va va voom”. Nevertheless, it’s easy to forget that some of the most amazing transformations come about when heavy makeup and choppy layers are removed.

Case in point: this brave client who walked into a salon and requested a big change. After seeing her transformation, you’ll be convinced that a “makeunder” can be much more powerful than a makeover!

Meet Jane—she’s a 50-year-old Minnesotan who has actually had the same hairstyle for the past 30 YEARS! Now, we don’t know if the Guinness Book of World Records has a category for this, but if they do, she may just be the winner!

So, it’s no surprise that when Christopher Hopkins, A.K.A The Makeover Guy, alerts Jane to the fact that her dated look is a bit “80’s”, she quickly agrees. Jane seems to be game for practically anything UNTIL Hopkins suggests that she go for a short ‘do.

It’s clear that this lady was not expecting inches to get chopped off. When the uneasy client asks more about his proposed length, Hopkins puts on his kid gloves and starts explaining.

Now, the stylist never officially utters the world “mullet”, but it’s clear that he’s trying to convey to her that the sides are much too short and the back is much too long for the style to grow out evenly.

In fact, Hopkins asserts that a medium cut would end up looking too much like a “mom bob”. While we’re not exactly sure what a “mom bob” is, judging by the stylist’s wince, it doesn’t sound pretty!

After some tense back-and-forth where Jane admits that she’s afraid a short cut will make her “look like a boy,” The Makeover Guy relaxes—he now knows just how to dispel her fears.

“You’ve got boobs, honey—and you wear lipstick!” the stylist proclaims. He does have a point, and luckily Jane recognizes it, too, because she instantly laughs and eventually tells Hopkins to “do whatever.”

Perhaps to lessen the sting of losing some valuable inches, The Makeover Guy offers to make this brunette into a blonde. While Jane reveals that she has never, in fact, dyed her hair a lighter color before, it’s clear that she’s open to this unexpected change.

From there, Hopkins enlists help from his colorist Trish, who gives Jane a super natural-looking soft blonde. At first we weren’t sold on the idea of giving Jane a lighter look, but now that we see it on her, it’s hard to believe that she was ever a brunette. Now THAT’S a great dye job!

For her face, Kami, the salon’s makeup artist, decides to ditch that heavy black liner. This simple change is quite possibly the most striking element in Jane’s makeover. Her previous look made her appear tired, but with some neutral eye shadow, she looks so much more alert.

After some expert snips and chops, Jane’s new look is complete. We just can’t believe how amazing this woman looks now!

To see this beauty go from 1980’s Pat Benatar to classic Marilyn Monroe, be sure to click on the video below. Sometimes a “makeunder” is definitely the way to go!

What do you think of Jane’s new look? Would you have done anything differently? Have you ever gone from brunette to blonde? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!