Ziploc bags are one of life’s greatest inventions—let’s just get that onto the table now. They’re useful to transform all sorts of food on the go—sandwiches, granola…they can even hold your entire dinner, like a chili or stew.

But did you know Ziploc bags had other uses—ones that can make your life that much easier?

Thanks to the experts over on Household Hacker, we just learned about eight alternative tricks to using Ziploc bags that we had no idea existed. They thrilled us so much that we can’t help but want to share them with you, too!

First things first: If you need to package something fragile and don’t have bubble wrap handy, you can turn a Ziploc bag into bubble wrap. Just seal up your Ziploc bag until it’s almost closed, and then insert a straw into the little opening. Then blow air through the straw to fill up the bag with air. Then just remove the straw and seal it up. Boom—bubble wrap!

Additionally, did you know that you can seal food up as tight as a vacuum sealer would make it—except without the extra cost of actually owning a vacuum sealer? All you do is fill a sink up with water, seal up your food in a Ziploc bag (with about an inch unzipped), and slowly submerge it into the water. The pressure pushes the air out and actually molds the bag around the food, so you can store it in the freezer longer! Too cool.

Another hack, which is perfect for winter: Cover your car mirrors with a Ziploc baggie before a huge snowfall hits or if you’re going to be parked somewhere when the temperature drops. That way, when you need to drive your car the next day, you can simply remove the Ziploc bags without the added time to chisel off the ice. Works like a charm!

Ziploc bags can also be the base for making ice packs. Just soak a sponge in some water and place it in a bag. Pour in some rubbing alcohol, which will help the sponge become more malleable when frozen (so you’re not placing a rock-hard item on whatever you need to ice!). Then just double seal it with another bag, place it in the freezer, and it’s there for whatever you need it for.

If you think these are cool, you’re going to love the 4 other hacks that the pros at Household Hacker have for you. Check out the video below to see these 4 hacks in the works, plus 4 other ways to use Ziploc bags that you probably never thought of before.

How cool are these Ziploc bag hacks? Have you ever used Ziploc bags in these ways before?