We never want to think about things like having our cars break down, but the reality is that these things happen. And if they do, it’s just best to be prepared. We’ve shared some ideas for things you should have in your car in the winter in case of emergencies. Now we’ve got a summer edition to share with you. Are these 8 essentials in your car right at this moment? If your car breaks down on a hot summer day, you’re going to want to make sure they are.

  1. Water (At Least a Gallon):
    Closeup of a man's hand filling a gallon jug from a water machine.Lisa F. Young via Dollar Photo Club

    Whether you have a gallon and some refillable water bottles, or a bunch of smaller bottles, it’s extremely important to make sure you stay hydrated should you break down on a hot day.

  2. Sunscreen/Wide Brimmed Hat:
    woman pouring body lotion on hand isolated on white backgroundalexthq13 via Dollar Photo Club

    Make sure you’re protected from the sun if you have to wait around on a hot day for a tow truck.

  3. First Aid Kit:

    These are handy in all sorts of situations, whether a kid scratches their knee or you’re dealing with a bee sting. We love this idea for a pill bottle survival kit that holds everything you need in a small, handy container.

  4. Dried Snacks:
    Dried FruitItinerant Tightwad via Flickr

    Make sure you have snacks on hand that won’t go bad in a hot car.

  5. Tablecloth:

    You never know when you’re going to need a clean surface to eat on.

  6. Hand Sanitizer:
    Purell hand sanitizer gel in bottleFlickr

    If there’s no other way to clean up, you’ll be happy you brought this stuff along.

  7. Bug Spray:
    Woman using a spray bottle. Isolated on a white background.Marc Dietrich via Dollar Photo Club

    Try a nice-smelling DIY spray to keep the bugs away.

  8. Jumper Cables:

    To get yourself on the road again, of course!