Thanksgiving is one of the best and tastiest holidays, so why is it so stressful to so many people? Because those delicious dishes can be totally time-consuming to make, and that’s not even counting the cooking time for the turkey. There are lots of time-saving measures out there, and we always have the option of turning to premade, store-bought foods, but which ones are worth it and which ones are a waste of money? Figuring that out can be just as worrisome as cooking everything from scratch. Luckily, America’s Test Kitchen decided to do what they do best and put those tips to the test. Watch and then read on for their eight do’s and don’ts for the best Thanksgiving ever!

So did you catch all of those tips? To recap, this Thanksgiving:


  1. Use gravy-in-a-jar.
  2. Serve canned cranberry sauce.
  3. Make boxed stuffing.
  4. Cook green bean casserole with frozen green beans.
  5. DO

  6. Bake frozen dinner rolls. America’s Test Kitchen recommends Pepperidge Farm’s Stone Baked Artisan French Rolls.
  7. Cook frozen peas. They taste even better than fresh, especially if you use the Birds Eye brand!
  8. Save time with premade pie dough. Wholly Wholesome’s Organic Pie Dough gets the stamp of approval from America’s Test Kitchen.
  9. Use canned pumpkin. Both the Libby’s and One-Pie brands tasted better than fresh to testers.

Now, what do YOU think? Do you agree with these tips? Anything you’d like to add or change? Share you own tricks in the comments so everybody can have a fabulous Thanksgiving!