Spring has sprung, friends, and that means flowers, sunshine, and freshening up our homes with spring cleaning. You could always load up on cleaners full of chemicals, but why do that when you can make like the smarties over at PureWow and save your dollars and the environment with these 8 Secret Cleaners? I guarantee there’s at least one on this list that will surprise you and at least a few already hanging out in your pantry!

  • Cinnamon
      Throw out those chemical-laden air fresheners and go the natural route! Boil some cinnamon sticks together with an orange peel and some cloves to make your whole house smell like the holidays.


  • Cornstarch
      Grease stains don’t stand a chance against cornstarch. Mix it together in equal parts with water for a magical paste and leave it on spills overnight. Wipe away with a dry cloth and voila— no more stain!


  • Grapefruit and Salt
Grapefruitliz west via Flickr
      Of all the things in the world that could become a sponge, would you have ever guessed that a grapefruit could be one of them? It can! All you need to do is sprinkle some salt on half a grapefruit and around your bathtub, wet the tub, and scrub. Squeeze some juice over the drain and faucet and rinse with lukewarm water. The citric acid in the grapefruit and the scrubbing agent abilities of salt combine for awesome cleaning power that leaves your bathroom smelling delicious.


  • Ketchup
      Yes, ketchup. It sounds counterintuitive, but you can rub it onto copper and brass cookware to restore shine.


  • Lemon
LemonNick Harris via Flickr
      Why have just lemon-scented chemical cleaners when you can have the all-natural power of the actual fruit? Add half a cup of lemon juice to your laundry detergent to re-whiten and re-crisp your shirts, and deodorize your washing machine by running a rinse cycle with a small cup of it in the bottom rack.


  • Mouthwash
Mouthwashtab62 via Dollar Photo Club
      It makes sense that the stuff that cleans and freshens your mouth also has the power to de-stink other things. If your hands are smelly from chopping garlic or onions, rub your hands with a teaspoon of mouthwash and follow-up with a regular wash for a minty fresh clean.


  • Olive Oil
Olive OilUSDA via Flickr
      Wooden furniture calls for special care, and what says special better than olive oil? Combine a 1/4 cup of it with a few drops of apple cider vinegar and dip a cleaning cloth in it. Wipe down your furniture with the cloth— the vinegar will pull out any dirt, while the olive oil prevents it from drying out!


  • Plastic Wrap
Plastic Wrapakiyoko via Dollar Photo Club
    Plastics and plants don’t seem like they would normally get along, but plastic wrap can actually be a dying houseplant’s best friend. Use it to create a mini-greenhouse by arranging it loosely around any wilting plant after a thorough watering. Leave it for a few days to bring the green back to the leaves!

I love it when common grocery items turn out to have multiple uses! Have you ever tried any of these tricks before? Do you have any of your own secret cleaning strategies?