Are you trying to do a better job of keeping your house organized year-round? It doesn’t matter if it’s springtime, holiday time, or back-to-school time, you know you need to declutter and get things together. Luckily, there are some small and easy tips out here to help you get your home in order.

Sometimes, it’s just the little things that contribute to unorganized spaces. Instead of tackling large projects, start small so you don’t feel overwhelmed. After that, you can build up to more time-consuming organizing tasks.

The tips in the video below are shared by Kathryn of Do It On a Dime and include 8 simple tricks to keep your home organized. They don’t require you to purchase loads of materials or to buy fancy tools either. You’ll find most of these ideas are workable for every room in the house. We’re outlining a few of them here to help get you on the road to organization. Best of all, you won’t spend hours on implementing these!

Wire Hider

To hide cords and wires out of sight, attach Command hooks to the backs of furniture pieces like shelf units or desks. Place them hook-side-up or sideways and latch your wires in place to keep them from tangling or becoming eyesores.

Kathryn states that she uses this trick for her laptop cord. What a great way to keep it from getting tripped over or chewed up by the dog!

Makeup Tool Storage

You could buy a caddy or leave your brushes and such strewn about the bathroom, but there’s an easier way. Grab a small storage canister or jar and fill ¾ of it with Epsom salt. Stick the ends of the brushes into the salt to prop them up. Kathryn noted that she used to use rice but that became an annoyance in terms of cleanup and pets.

Image of makeup brushes in container.DoItOnaDime
Remote Control Keeper

You know how it is when you can’t find the remote and the last people who have seen it are the twins Not-Me and I-Don’t-Know. They live in your house too, right? If you’re tired of playing hide-and-seek with your remotes, then nip it in the bud with Velcro.

Attach a small piece of adhesive Velcro to the back of the remote, and its mate side to the back of your TV’s monitor. If you have multiple remotes (e.g. DVD player, gaming console, cable box), then use multiple pieces of Velcro. Adhere it to the device.

Junk Basket

Anything that has junk in the name is always good. When there’s a stash of stuff that needs to be taken upstairs, load it into a junk basket positioned at the bottom of the stairs. Save yourself several trips up and down.

Things you collect while cleaning, kids’ toys, or the day’s mall haul can be popped into the basket and carried up later. In Kathryn’s house, she has a nice decorative wicker basket with a fitting name. Just remember to bring it back down!


Watch the video to get more advice from Do It on a Dime on how to make light work of organization. You can mix it up and use these ideas in a home office, child’s room, or even the garage. What are your thoughts on these practical solutions? Are you already doing some of these things? Tell us in the comments!