8 Helpful Apps for Your Car

If you’ve got an iPhone, be sure to take full advantage of the free apps in the iTunes market that can save you some serious money. Free apps can especially come in handy with gas prices being as high as they are. Check out some of the top auto related apps that MakeUseOf suggests:

Gas Cubby

This free app helps you keep track of gas mileage and what services have been done to your car and when, like oil changes, tune-ups and tire rotations. While getting your car repaired, just open up Gas Cubby and enter in your mileage, service reminders, etc.


This app is especially helpful when you’re on the road in an area that you’re not familiar with. Before you head out to get gas, simply refresh GasBuddy to see which station near you is featuring the cheapest gas.


Save yourself some time in large parking garages and complexes with this app. When you park, just press the “park” button on your app. Later on, the app will direct you back to the exact location of your car. You can also set a parking meter or garage notification to avoid tickets or getting overcharged in parking fees.

(Editor’s Note: Since this app isn’t actually free, you might want to try the similar free option, iReturn.)

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