In every culture, tips are passed down from generation to generation; they could be tips about health, cooking, cleaning, anything that your ancestors have learned about how to make life easier. But if you don’t identify with multiple cultures, odds are you only know what your family has taught you from their specific experience.

As amazing as that is, there’s nothing wrong with learning a few tips from a culture you’re unfamiliar with! What better way to expand your knowledge of life hacks, right?

That’s why we’re so excited to share this video from Asian Beauty Secret blogger, Mia. In her latest video, Mia is sharing some of her families’ life hacks, which have been passed down for decades from family member to family member.

Needless to say, we’re pretty excited that she’s letting us in on a few family secrets! Here are a few of our favorite Asian life hacks, as share by Mia.

1. Paper Trash Box

Handmade paper box for trash.Asian Beauty Secrets
You know those scraps from cooking that build up and tend to look, well, a little gross? For example, apple peels, the shells from shrimp, or bones from fish or ribs. Nasty. You try to pile them on a napkin but rarely does that keep these sticky odds and ends from getting everywhere.

Mia’s family taught her from a young age how to make these handy paper trash boxes out of junk mail paper! Every time she receives a flier or newspaper she doesn’t want, Mia will use the pages to fold these little boxes while watching TV or chatting with her mom.

These are so easy to make and they come in handy for various kitchen struggles. Check out the video below to get the full instructions on how to make these little paper boxes.

2. Healing Soy Sauce

soy sauce bottles in basket with chopsticksStockSnap
Burnt yourself while cooking or curling your hair? Ouch, that hurts. Never fear if you don’t have aloe or burn cream to soothe the pain and reduce the redness of the burn! There’s something in your fridge that will do the trick, too: soy sauce.

Mia’s family always taught her to immediately dab some soy sauce on burns to stop a mark from forming and soothe the painful area. She suggests, however, not leaving the sauce on the skin for too long.

3. Unclump Using Rice

Life hacks shared by an Asian family.Asian Beauty Secrets
Have you ever gone to use a shaker (for salt, pepper, cocoa, ect.) and found that the powdery substance is getting clogged up? For some reason, the particles can’t make it through the shaker and it’s making seasoning a pain in the neck for you.

Well, this easy Asian life hack will fix that! Unscrew the top of your shaker and pour in some uncooked rice; this will help break up the particles and get them out of the container much easier. You’ve probably seen this hack used in restaurants or in people’s homes, so you KNOW it works well!


For the rest of this life hacks, make sure to check out Mia’s video below! And a big shout out to her and her family for letting us in on these amazing life hacks.

What do you think of these hacks? Does your family have any tips that they’ve passed down? Share your thoughts and you own hacks (only with your family’s permission!) in the comments section below.