8 Great Dusting Tips for a Cleaner Home

Dusting isn’t likely anyone’s favorite activity, but there are some great tricks that work a lot better than using a typical feather duster on the whole house.

Check out these Reader’s Digest tips to more quickly and easily dust your home clean:

  1. Baby Wipes

    After you’ve shaken out your laptop to get rid of any debris caught between the keys, use a baby wipe to remove dirt, dried spills and gunk from the keys themselves. Just make sure you turn off the computer before you do this.

  2. Fabric Softener

    Repel dust with a mixture of 1 part fabric softener and 4 parts water. Put this solution in a squirt bottle and apply some to a clean cloth. Use this cloth to wipe glass tables, shower doors and other hard surfaces to repel dust. Finish by polishing surfaces with a dry cloth.

  3. Fabric Softener Sheets

    Use these to wipe down your electronics screens. They’ll remove dust from your TV and computer screens and prevent dust from resettling for a few days.

  4. Gloves

    Use fabric gloves to dust delicate things, like chandeliers, light fixtures, and glass items. Just soak the gloves in a window cleaner, then slip them on and clean up.

  5. Paintbrushes

    The soft bristles of paintbrushes are great for cleaning dust out of tiny cracks and crevices in knickknacks.

  6. Pantyhose

    Ball up a pair of old pantyhose and use a rubber band to attach it to a coat hanger or yardstick. Use this to grab dust bunnies from underneath and alongside your fridge.

  7. Old Socks

    Slip a sock over your hand and gently rub the dust off from in between your blinds.

  8. Pillowcases

    Place an old pillowcase over ceiling fan blades, one at a time, to pull the dust off the blades without scattering it all over the room and floor.