You know what the most inspiring place in the world is, for a frugal person? The Dollar Store! No joke— not only can you find almost everything you need there, from materials for fun craft projects to organizational helpers, but just walking around in there can trigger all kinds of smart ideas. Prime example? The geniuses at Household Hacker, here today to show us EIGHT hacks made entirely with Dollar Store items. Just look at all you can do.

  1. Make a miniature grill out of a disposable deep roaster pan, a cooling rack, and some charcoal.
    Make a miniature grill out of a deep fryer pan and cooling rackHouseholdHacker
  2. Use shower caps in place of plastic wrap for odd-shaped containers and to protect food at picnics.
    Use a disposable shower cap in place of plastic wrapHouseholdHacker
  3. Make light-up centerpieces with LED candles, mason jars, coasters and flowers.
    Make centerpieces out of LED candles, mason jars and coastersHouseholdHacker
  4. Turn heavy-duty reusable wipes into reusable DIY dryer sheets by cutting the up, soaking them in fabric softener and water, and allowing to dry.
    Make your own dryer sheets out of reusable wipesHouseholdHacker
  5. Turn sponges into reusable ice packs. Just soak in water, store in airtight plastic zip-top bags, and freeze. You can also make a softer, moldable version by adding dish soap and rubbing alcohol to the mix!
    Turn regular kitchen sponges into reusable ice packsHouseholdHacker
  6. Use a plastic lidded dispenser – like the ones designed for cereal – as portable car trash cans. Just line with a plastic grocery bag!
    Use a plastic cereal container as a car trash canHouseholdHacker
  7. Make your own body cream by whipping petroleum jelly together with regular lotion and adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil.
    Make body cream out of lotion, petroleum jelly and essential oils HouseholdHacker
  8. Make a family-friendly version of Beirut with reusable plastic cups. Fill them with root beer or cola, or use water and make it a game to cool off. If the opposite team sinks a ball, you have to pour the cup over your head!
    Beer pong table with reusable Dollar Store plastic cupsHouseholdHacker

These are some fantastic ideas, don’t you think? That miniature grill idea would be absolutely perfect for a small park picnic or an apartment barbecue, and I love the idea for making soft DIY ice packs. I think my favorite idea, though, is the one for dryer sheets! Those things are expensive, so I’m so excited to not only be able to make my own but reuse them. What do YOU think? Which idea is your favorite? Watch the video from Household Hacker for more details and instructions on these hacks, and tell us which ones you’re going to give a try.