Whatever you may think of the Duggar family and their show, 19 Kids and Counting, they’ve got frugal living down to a science for sure. Check out some money management strategies you can learn from this famous family:

  1. Buy Used and Save the Difference: on their show, the Duggars often repeat the mantra of “Buy used and save the difference.” They buy nearly everything used, from clothing and baby equipment to cars and RVs. And whatever they’ve saved goes toward savings or buying other used needs.
  2. Barter: the Duggars are never afraid to barter and ask for a lower price. When attempting to barter, make sure you have plenty of cash so that you can have the amount you negotiate at the ready.
  3. Help Others:

    The Duggars were routinely shown going to help a fellow large family, the Bates, to renovate their house to accommodate their own growing family. The Duggars are always volunteering to help their friends, and in return, their friends gladly help them. This cooperative agreement helps them get things done without hiring others to assist them.

  4. Be Willing to Tell Your Children No: in the earlier days when the Duggars had no money, they were forced to stick to a very strict budget. Even when one of their oldest daughters asked for a pink blanket, the had to say “no” because it just didn’t fit in the budget.

    How many of us routinely tell our children no for such a small expenditures? Because they have the ability to live within their budget and tell their children no, they are able to remain debt free.

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