Following the same old cleaning routine? Yeah, we know there are plenty of DIY shortcuts and hacks available to mix things up, but there are some new kids on the cleaning block.

Household Hacker is bringing us a mashup of cleaning tips that are pretty darn novel. And they’re all in one video! Best of all, you won’t need to make any trips to the “Aisle of Chemical Cleaners” because most of these methods involve pantry staples or natural alternatives.

Shared below are four of these problem-solving hacks that will make you say, “I never thought I could do that!”, and have you revamping your whole routine. Get prepared to easily tackle those tasks that you’ve been putting off or haven’t thought about in forever.

  1. Bubbly Glass Cleaner

    Surprisingly, that bottle of club soda you have in the house is good for more than wine stains. Carbonated water can be sprayed onto glass as a powerful cleaner. The acid in it helps to attack dirt and bacteria, and its formula is friendly to our bodies and environment.

    Spray and wipe to get rid of grime. Borrow Household Hacker’s tip and stick a nozzle directly into a bottle of water. Bonus: besides being cheap, it’s also known to be great for cleaning porcelain and stainless steel too!

  2. Dust-Repelling Blinds

    Remove the coating of dust from your blinds with a wool glove and liquid fabric softener. Slide the glove on, dip your fingers in the fabric softener, and glide your fingers over the slats. You’ll have deodorized, dust-free blinds that can also prevent new dust bunnies from being clingy.

  3. Toilet Scum Eater

    You can use effervescent antacid tablets to clean rings and gunk in the toilet bowl. Drop a couple in the water and let them fizz for about 20 minutes. Scrub as usual. Similar to denture tablets, it works because its main compound breaks down dirt and odors.

  4. Natural Drain Unclogger

    Before using chemicals to address slow-going drains, try hot vinegar. Bring 2 cups of white vinegar to a boil and grab ½ cup of table salt. Pour the salt down the drain first and then wash it down with the vinegar. After a few minutes, flush things out with hot water.

    Some people use Epsom salt instead of table salt, but either way, you can avoid using a plumber (human or store-bought). If your clog is stubborn, you may need to repeat the process more than once.

Keep watching the video to learn more household cleaning tricks that will save you money and elbow grease. You’ll want to stock your supply stash with things like vinegar, seltzer, salt, and baking soda that can be used for just about anything in your home.

Why buy multiple products for multiple rooms when you can keep it simple and nontoxic with a basic rotation? Gather these cheap staples and freshen up your space without hiring a pro!

Which of these cleaning hacks will you add to your routine? Are any of these tips totally new to you?