When it comes to Christopher Hopkins, flattery is getting him everywhere. The Makeover Guy – as he’s widely known – is a maestro when it comes to giving flattering new looks to women 40 and over.

In this video, we meet Barbara Rogers whose daughter convinced her that a makeover with Christopher would change her world. It sounds well-deserved, as the 76-year-old lost her husband two months prior to coming in for her appointment.

Barbara’s daughter is a regular customer at reVamp Salonspa and wanted her mom to experience some pampering at this time in her life, so she set it up during Barbara’s one-month visit to Montana. What a great daughter!

When we meet Barbara in her pre-makeover interview, we see that she has a modest look with gray, curled strands and little makeup. She emphasizes that she prefers her new look to be simple and low-maintenance. At 76, she didn’t want to much to worry about.

So, what did Christopher have in store? Depending on the client and if he’s given full autonomy, sometimes he goes bold. With Barbara, it sounds like he wants to go with classic glam. You can hear him mention Hollywood actress Joanne Woodward in there, so perhaps a side-swept bang is in Barbara’s future?

We are treated to watching Christopher envision her new hairstyle, and then seeing him put the final touches on it. With a spritz here and a pat there, Barbara is ready – to sleep standing up. Ha! Her hair gets a boost in volume and a new color that complements her face perfectly.

From Christopher’s magical chair she was sent to sit in a different one – that of reVamp salon’s makeup artist Kami who transformed her face with a brow tint, concealer, and soft pink lipstick. But check out those eyes! It’s amazing what some eye highlighter can do to brighten them up. Just a touch in the corners of the lids and voilà!

Barbara is so happy and loves her new look, and we’ve got to say we love it too. She looks fab! One of the highlights of Christopher’s videos is to see the huge smiles on his clients’ faces once he’s done. Just check out Barbara’s!

Keep watching the video to see a side-by-side comparison of this sweet lady before and after her transformation. She is radiant, glowing, and full of compliments for Christopher. Somebody may want to keep an eye on these two though with all that gushing. They are too cute!

Luckily, Christopher honored her wishes and gave her something she can maintain once she gets home. An updated ‘do and some light makeup made a huge difference without being overwhelming in the upkeep department. He and his team delivered again.

Catch the tail end of Barbara’s interview to hear about her dancing adventure with Derek Hough. Yes, Derek Hough. We love to see spunky 70-somethings like her and hope she enjoys dancing with her dazzling new style.

What do you think of this sparkling makeover session? Can you think of someone like Barbara who is deserving of some pampering?