7+ Wine Bottle Crafts

The following is a guest post from our friends over at FaveCrafts.

A quick visit to Pinterest will show you that crafting with wine bottles and corks is insanely popular right now. Some of my favorite craft projects involve digging through the recycling bin for supplies, so of course crafting with wine bottles is right up my alley! It doesn’t hurt that getting your wine bottles from full to empty is a pretty enjoyable venture as well! We found some great craft ideas recently for things to make with old wine bottles and corks, and we also got some input from our crafty Facebook fans. Here are some genius ways to recycle wine bottles and corks with crafting:

Empty Wine Bottle Crafts

Tissue Wine Bottle Vases You can turn wine bottles into vases, wind chimes, and more with just a bit of craftiness. Wine bottle crafts are abundant, so start drinking and crafting!

  1. Tissue Wine Bottle Vases: Turn old wine bottles into decorative vases using pretty patterned tissue paper. All you have to do to make this wine bottle craft is decoupage! Check out these fun projects with wine bottles.
  2. Love Letter Bottles: Looking for a fun upcycled craft to make from old glass bottles? Create Love Letter Bottles. This is a fun way to show someone you care! Get creative and write inspiring notes to loved ones.

What to Do With Old Wine Corks

Wine Cork KeychainsBesides wine bottle craft ideas there are also lots of ideas for crafting with wine corks. Each bottle comes with a cork, so if you’re making a wine bottle craft, you might as well use the cork too!

  1. Wine Cork Keychains: Repurpose an old wine cork into a personalized and stylish keychain with these crafts from wine bottles and corks. You can easily create a large batch to use as wedding favors, stocking stuffers, and more.
  2. Wine Cork Sail Boats: After you make crafts with the bottles, turn the corks into something fun too, like these wine cork sail boats, perfect for the kids to take in the bath.
  3. Decorative Cork Balls: Who knew you could create an expensive looking decorative accent using old wine corks? If you’re looking for things to make with wine bottles and corks, check out these wine cork balls!

Reader Submitted Wine Bottle Craft Ideas

Tuscan Lights CandlesticksCheck out these crafts for wine bottles from our fans:

  • Put big, colorful feathers inside of them and set them up in a row. – Robin R.
  • Drill a hole in the bottom and put string lights inside to make a nightlight. – Ginger S.
  • Crochet up the bottles and turn them into vases. – Gillian C.
  • Cut 3/4 way up all the way around, sand them, and make beautiful vases. Or cut halfway, sand the rim, and make an awesome set of glasses. You can even take the cut off top and epoxy it to the bottom of a new glass for goblets or tall candleholders. – Tina L.
  • Make hummingbird feeders. – Jessica H.
  • Make a bottle tree. It’s an old southern tradition that keeps the bad spirits away. – Kathy R.
  • Cut off the bottoms and cut small holes on the sides, then string a light kit through it to make a hanging lamp. – Kari O.
  • Make poodle dogs using yarn, crazy eyes, toilet paper or paper towel rolls, card board, felt and ribbon. – Ivette C.
  • Wire them for lamps with shades or make them into incense burners – Shelley M.
  • Make cheese trays or spoon rests. Flatten them in a kiln, then add beads, wire and cheese spreaders to go with them. – Sharon D.