Got an Old Mascara Wand? Here Are 7 Things to Do With It

Here at TipHero we are all about saving money by getting as much use as we can out of everything we buy. While mascara needs to be thrown out two to three months after you open it – trust us, your eyes will thank you! – the wands used to apply it can be used for so much longer and for so many more tasks! Whether you’re cleaning and reusing one, or employing the disposable kind you can get at the drug store, mascara wands are fantastic tools for everything from cleaning your home to doing other parts of your beauty routine, as this list from Style Caster shows us. We’ve picked out SEVEN of our favorite uses to share with you today. Did you know you can use mascara wands to . . .

  1. Clean small crevices.
    Steve Lyon via Flickr

    Keyboards? Blow-dryer lint-catcher? Oxygenating vents and jewelry? Whatever tiny areas you have to clean, a mascara wand is the tool to do it!
  2. Groom your eyebrows.
    ipag via Deposit Photos

    Ever really look at special eyebrow-grooming tools? They’re not much different than mascara wands. So why spend money are specialty tools when you can just reuse what you already have? The wands are also great for softening up too-severe eyebrow pencil.
  3. Exfoliate your lips.
    kb-photodesign via Deposit Photos

    The beauty uses of mascara wands don’t stop with your eyes. Keep your lips lovely and give your lip color more oomph by applying some balm and then gently exfoliating with a mascara wand.
  4. Touch up your roots.
    Rosinka79 via Deposit Photos

    Are you brave enough to dye your hair at home? Even if you’re not, you can extend the time between salon visits by touching up your own roots, and mascara wands are the perfect tool to zero in on fading or greying spots.
  5. Tame flyaway hairs.
    creatista via Deposit Photos

    Once you get the color perfect, you don’t want to ruin your look with rebellious hairs. Rather than spraying your whole head and getting helmet hair, spray a mascara wand and brush down the hairs you need to control.
  6. Clean your nails . . .
    Anna Karwowska via Dollar Photo Club

    When it comes to cleaning under nails, we’ve always had two choices: pretty ineffectual nail brushes, and painful orange sticks. Get the gentleness of the former with the effectiveness of the latter by using a mascara wand instead.
  7. . . . then make them beautiful!
    Zitona via Wikimedia Commons

    Your at-home manicures are going to be so much better when you start using mascara wands in your routine. Not only can they safely remove cuticles – when combined with gentle cuticle remover – but they can help you create one-of-a-kind nail art, too!

Want more info on these ideas, plus even more uses for mascara wands? Then go check out Style Caster’s original post. Do you use mascara wands for things other than applying mascara? Are there any ideas you can share with us and add to this list?