Never Buy These 7 Things Used

We Tip Heroes love to reuse and repurpose to save money when we can. However, not everything should be repurposed, and unfortunately, not everything should be passed from one owner to another. While there are plenty of goodies that you can buy used to save some money, here’s a list of things that should be purchased new:

  1. Bike Helmets

    You safety is never something you should compromise for a better deal. While a bike helmet may look free of scratches or dings when you buy it secondhand, there may problem spots that you discover later.

  2. Laptops

    Buying a refurbished laptop that’s still under warranty is a smart way to save on a new computer. But buying a used laptop secondhand isn’t smart. Any small defect in that laptop will just continue to get worse over tim, and you won’t have a warranty to cover you.

    Looking to save on a new laptop? Check out Nick’s guide to finding a cheap one.

  3. Blenders

    Blenders are only effective if their blades are sharp and in good condition. This is a feature you can’t guarantee if you buy a blender secondhand.

  4. Mattresses and Pillows

    You should never buy either of these secondhand. It’s not worth risking the bedbugs, molds or other critters that may be hiding within them. Always choose a new mattress that has at least a 10-year warranty and take good care of it.

  5. Swimsuits

    Apart from wearing out quickly, there could be hygiene issues associated with buying bathing suits secondhand. Instead, buy new off seasons to score great deals on swimwear.

  6. Car Seats

    Again, safety is more important here than getting a dirt cheap price. A used car seat could have damage your wouldn’t know about until a potential accident. Check out Consumer Reports for an array of highly-rated car seats.

  7. Automobile Tires

    If you buy used tires, you risk the possibility that the tread could be worn, putting your safety at risk. Buy these straight from the store to make sure you get quality tires.

Would you argue with anything on this list? What are some other things that you’d always buy new, whether for safety or quality’s sake?