7 Things You Didn’t Know Vinegar Could Clean

There are some products that are just wonderful DIY cleaning superstars, and we can’t get enough of learning new ways to use them. One that towers above the rest? Vinegar! The plain white stuff is an incredible tool for everything from fighting stink to conquering stains, and new uses are coming to our attention all the time. Giving us more ways to use it today? Clean My Space, here with SEVEN more reasons to keep white vinegar in your home at all times. Check them out!

Did You Know You Could Use Vinegar To:

  1. Deodorize the refrigerator
  2. Boost and clean dishwasher
  3. Polish chrome fixtures
  4. Shine cutlery
  5. Trap cooking odors
  6. Replace fabric softener and fight laundry stains
  7. Clean stainless steel

Great ideas! How many of these vinegar uses did you know already? Which ones surprised you? How do you incorporate vinegar into YOUR cleaning routine? Let us know!