You already know that you can find sweet potatoes in some of your and our favorite meals , but did you know exactly why we love them so much? It’s because sweet potatoes are healthy powerhouses, full of vitamins, fibers and compounds that do everything from make us beautiful to help us live longer. Weekly Healthy Life has a full list, and we’re here to share our favorites. We didn’t need much excuse to eat them before, but now we have no excuse not to chow down. Add more sweet potatoes to your routine and you’ll:

  1. Feel less stress
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    Sweet potatoes are full of two important anti-stress elements: potassium and magnesium. Potassium helps regulate water, heartbeat and oxygen flow, while magnesium is a general anti-stress agent.
  2. Have more youthful skin
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    You don’t necessarily have to eat the sweet potatoes to reap this benefit! After boiling them, use the cooled-down water to wash your face. It’ll clear your pores and soothe irritation! Plus, a left-behind compound called “anthocyanin” helps remove wrinkles, puffiness, and dark undereye circles.
  3. Repair hair damage
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    Beta-carotene is important for hair growth and damage-repair, and sweet potatoes are just bursting with it.
  4. Prevent emphysema
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    Sweet potatoes are also a fantastic source of Vitamin A and carotenoids, both of which are helpful in healing and protecting the respiratory system.
  5. Get healthier muscles
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    Eating these root veggies can reduce swelling and muscle cramps, building your muscles and helping you exercise longer for greater benefit.
  6. Gain a stronger immune system
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    Vitamin A isn’t the only vitamin sweet potatoes are packing. They’re also full of vitamin D, which benefits your thyroid gland, heart, and bones, and increases your energy levels, making you healthier all-around and better able to fight off disease.
  7. Digest all foods better
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    These legumes are so rich in dietary fibers that they’ll help you get rid of constipation, prevent colon cancer, and generally have a healthier digestive system. You’ll get all the benefits of the other healthy foods you eat alongside sweet potatoes!

Want to know even more things sweet potatoes can do? Head on over to Weekly Healthy Life to learn eight more benefits! As always, talk to a doctor about your health and diet questions.

Do you love sweet potatoes? What are some of your favorite ways to enjoy them?