They call them the most magical places on earth, right? There’s good reason for that. It’s hard not to smile when you’re surrounded by favorite Disney characters, wonderful scenery, happy people, and of course some spectacular rides.

And speaking of rides, we went looking for a little information about some of the most popular ones. Millions of people enjoy the awesome rides at Disneyworld and Disneyland, but as popular as they are, they’ve got their share of secrets. And what’s more magical than a little secrecy?

So here are 7 things about Disney rides you’ve probably never heard about. Enjoy!

  1. Different Rides Use the Same Characters

    Maybe you’ve thought to yourself “There are a lot of rides at each Disney park. How many people must it take to staff them all?” Turns out there’s some overlap! For instance, the man in the Pirates of the Caribbean who’s dunked in the water reappears in the Haunted Mansion ride!

  2. The Secret’s Underground

    And if you’re wondering how all those employees get from ride to ride withought fighting their way through the notorious Disney crowds: there’s actually a secret network of underground tunnels beneath visitor’s feet.

  3. One Ride Has A Real Human Skull

    Speaking of secrets! The Pirates of the Caribbean features ghostly props, of course — and sometimes skeletal ones. And one of those is a 100% genuine human skull! It turns out that park designers actually used cadavers when the ride opened in 1967, but they slowly replaced them (thankfully) over time–except for the one skull.

  4. There’s A Reason Main Street Smells So Good

    Technically, Main Street isn’t a ride, but this is still interesting. If you’ve ever thought that it seems to smell good, that’s because Disney pumps out a vanilla scent right onto the street. At Christmastime, they switch to peppermint. Why the scent? Probably, they’re trying to mask the smell of the trash and sweat that comes with all those visitors!

  5. Cookies, Anyone?

    Disney’s taking its scent experiments one step further. One part of the Incredicoaster ride, which is slated to reopen in June, will be scented like cookies!

  6. Disney Employees Aren’t The Only Workers On Site

    There are a lot of workers at Disney World and Disneyland, but the company has a few more employees who aren’t on the payroll. Hundreds of feral cats roam the parks. Their main job? Controlling the number of rats, mice, and other pests on site! Now what would Mickey think?

  7. Snow White Is No Bigger Than The Dwarves

    The “Snow White Grotto” celebrates one of the most loved Disney films, the all-time classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. But the truth is that in the grotto, Snow White is actually the same size as the dwarf characters! It’s only their placement that makes her seem taller, like she is in the film.

What do you think about all these secrets about the Disney rides? If you want to find out a few more, make sure to check out the video below!