When you work out, what time of day do you usually do it? While motivating to work out any time of day is admirable, Health Me Up has a lot of reasons why the morning is the best time to do it. Did you know that you by exercising first thing in the morning, you set yourself up for weight loss, set yourself up for better sleep at night, and get to enjoy glowing skin throughout the day?

  1. Increase Mental Sharpness:

    Studies have shown that working out in the morning increases your mental sharpness, and the effects can last for 5-10 hours after you workout. So you’re more likely to have a productive day at work if you workout beforehand.

  2. Develop a Healthy Mindset for the Day:

    Once you spend the morning doing something healthy, it sets the stage for the choices you’ll make for the rest of the day.

  3. Jumpstart Your Metabolism:

    Exercising in the morning keeps you elevated for the next 24 hours. So you’ll burn more calories in general if you exercise in the AM.

  4. Maintain a Routine:

    The more time you wait to workout in a day, the more excuses you’re likely to come up with. Exercising first thing in the morning means that you’re more likely to develop and stick to a routine.

  5. Sleep Better at Night:

    Studies have also shown that people who work out in the morning have better sleep quality at night. Working out in the evening can pump you up too much to get a good night’s sleep afterward.

  6. Boost Your Mood:

    The endorphins released from working out make you happy, and happy is a great way to start off each day.

  7. Enjoy Glowing Skin:

    Exercising flushes toxins from your skin as you sweat. And even after you clean up, that glowing effect will last all day long.