In the interest of not burning your house down or violating your own health, we should review a few things about microwave oven usage. As part of kitchen culture, they’ve become a tool of convenience, experimentation, and sometimes destruction.

Today, we’re focusing on the destruction aspect. You’re already aware that aluminum foil and other metals shouldn’t go into the microwave, but there are a few other items that should avoid a relationship with the appliance. Wochit details what some of those objects are in this informative video.

Outlined below are a handful of tips on what should be left out of the microwave. You might already be familiar with some of these warnings, but if not, take heed, friends.

  1. China

    microwave safety chinaWochit

    You’re boiling water in the microwave for a nice spot of tea. You hear a strange crackling sound coming from your teacup, and you think it’s the water. Um, that’s actually the sound of the metal paint sparking up a convo with your microwave. But it ain’t good.

    Leave your good, metal-lined china out of the glare of the microwave’s rays, unless you want to kill it and your grandmama’s fine china. Since every dish isn’t marked as “microwave safe”, err on the side of caution when heating gold or other metal-rimmed dishes. You can start a fire or damage the microwave itself.

  2. Hot Peppers

    Peppers can do more than explode into a mess if placed in the microwave. Hotties like jalapeños, chilis, or the aptly-named ghost peppers can harm your eyes if you zap them and release the steam too close to your face.

    The capsaicin found in steamy hot pepper juice can cause a burning sensation in your eyes. We doubt you want to feel that burn. Ouch! If you accidentally make that mistake or don’t take our word for it and find out the hard way, try a milk rinse for your eyes.

  3. Emptiness

    An empty microwave does not make it a good one if you run it on empty. Though we’re not sure why anyone would want to press start on an empty microwave on purpose, you’ve got to know that it’s one of the worst ideas ever. Ever.

    Energy generated by microwaves needs somewhere to go. When it’s empty, it goes back to the magnetron (its source of energy) which can severely overheat. It can burn fuses, melt power components, or blow up into flames! Don’t even think about this one.

Watch the video to hear more pointers about microwave don’ts so you can avoid health and fire hazards. As much as you love this mighty zapping machine, you still need to be mindful about what goes in and what to keep out. A few other things you want to keep away? Brown paper bags, Styrofoam, and eggs.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the leading cause of house fires and injuries is cooking equipment. Protect your microwave, body, and home from improper use!

Were you hip to these microwave safety tips already? Have you accidentally had a microwave mishap?