Did you accidentally touch a hot pot or get a blister breaking in a pair of shoes? Chances are there are quick fixes for those and other minor annoyances right in your own home.

  • Soothe Minor Burns: immediately run minor burn under cold water, the gently pat dry. Spread a layer of white, minty toothpaste over the burn and the pain should fade quickly.
  • Help a Bruise Heal: alleviate pain and cut down on discoloration by rubbing some alcohol-based mouthwash over the surface of the bruise.
  • Tame a Toothache: cut a piece from a brown paper bag and soak it in vinegar. Shake some black pepper on one side of the piece of bag and hold that side to your cheek. The warmth you feel there should pull your attention from the pain in your tooth (until you can see a dentist, of course!)

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