7 Everyday Products You’ve Been Using Wrong

This might shock you a little bit, but you’ve probably been doing these 7 things incorrectly.

1. Forgot a spoon for your applesauce? That’s ok. The lid turns into a spoon.

applesauceHuffington Post

2. Did you know that takeout containers are made to fold into plates?

takeoutHuffington Post

3. Also, takeout cups have lids that are meant to be coasters.

lidsBusiness Insider

4. Ever notice this feature on aluminum foil boxes? It keeps the foil in place so it doesn’t fly out when you rip a sheet off.

foil.jp1000 Awesome Things

5. Fold ketchup cups out to make more space for dipping.

ketchupBoffo Socko

6. You might be dispensing Tic Tacs the hard way.


7. You only need this much toothpaste. Any more is just a waste.

toothpasteMeeker Tech