Edible arrangements are a wonderfully creative gift to give, but buying a premade one can be expensive. Try your hand at making your own and you’re sure to save some money and dazzle the recipient with your personal touch of creativity. Here are some ideas from Frugal Living to get you started:

  1. Candy Kiss Rose Bud Craft: using two chocolate kisses and a few cheap items, you can make a cute rose bud that your Valentine can admire and later eat.
  2. Cookie Bouquet: choose a recipe for hard cookies. Once finished baking, slide skewers into the hot cookies and you’ve made cookie pops. Put a bunch together to create a cookie bouquet.
  3. Fruit Arrangement: all you’ll need are some wooden skewers, a melon-baller, a flower-shaped cookie cutter and some fruit. Play around with shapes and create your own great fruit arrangement.

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