When the pickles are all gone from the pickle jar, what do you do with the often large amount of juice leftover? If you’re stumped, here are some cool tricks to try:

  1. Use pickle juice as a meat tenderizer. You can use it on its own a marinade for pork chops or steak.

    pickle_meatOne Good Thing by Jillee
  2. Add a little bit of zing to your boiled potatoes by adding some pickle juice to the water. You can also add it straight into potato salad as well for a burst of flavor.

    pickle_potatoSerious Eats
  3. Add a dash of pickle juice to leftover mac and cheese to bring it back to life.

  4. Make a more flavorful Bloody Mary with a tablespoon of pickle juice.

    pickle_maryRachael Ray
  5. Do you make your own hummus? Add in a few dashes of pickle juice to give it an extra boost of flavor.

    pickle_hummusSweet Salty Tart
  6. Reuse it to brine hard-boiled eggs, onions, garlic and/or other soft veggies.

    pickle_eggCharleston Daily Mail
  7. Liven up store bought (or homemade) barbecue sauce by adding some pickle juice to taste.

    pickle_BBQDad Cooks Dinner