If you rarely use pencils as writing utensils, they can still be helpful around the home. Take a look at some creative use ideas for pencils and erasers:

  1. Repel Moths: pencil shavings are actually great at repelling moths, so keep a small cloth bag full of pencil shavings in your closet to keep your clothing safe and hole-free.
  2. Get the Most Out of Your Toothpaste: use a pencil to roll your toothpaste tube and get out every last bit.
  3. Makeshift Earring Back: lost your earring back on a great pair of earrings? Use a pencil eraser as a makeshift earring back in a bind.
  4. Remove Sticker Gunk: don’t worry about using a special cleaner to get sticker gunk off of a surface. Just rub it with a pencil eraser to get rid of the residue.
  5. Mend a Stubborn Zipper: if a zipper won’t zip up, just run your pencil eraser along the teeth of the zipper. It should be work again without fuss.
  6. Stop Tilted Pictures: prevent hung pictures from tilting by gluing a few small pieces of an eraser to the bottom corners of the backs of the frames.
  7. Boost Phone Quality:

    Here’s an amazing tip: improve your cordless landline’s call clarity by removing the dust in the phone charger cradle. Use a pencil eraser on the metal squares.

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