Have you used wallpaper in the past to update your walls, but now have extra paper just hanging around? Even if you only have a few scraps, you should put them to work! Check out some cool ideas we found for using up those leftover pieces of wallpaper:

  1. Drawer Liners: measure those dresser drawers, cut up some of your leftover wallpaper, and line your drawers with a nice little pop or pattern and/or color.
  2. Framed Artwork: looking for some new artwork to add new life to your boring walls? Just frame an interestingly patterned piece of wallpaper and hang it up. Let the mat board be your guide when cutting a piece that’s the right size.
  3. Book Covers: here’s a great alternative to using brown paper bags. Just use some leftover wallpaper to cover the books that you need to protect.
  4. Gift Wrap: folding this stuff with take a little more oomph since it’s heavy, but it can look really classy for gifts for any occasion.
  5. Gift Tags/Gift Card Holders: sticking with the gift theme, you can easily use leftover wallpaper as gift tags for presents or as a simple holder for gift cards. Just use adhesive photo corners to secure cards in place.
  6. Give Old Furniture a Makeover: take it from Curbly and turn a boring old piece of furniture into something shiny and new with the help of some leftover wallpaper.
  7. Make Your Own Greeting Cards: pretty, decorative wallpaper could make for great greeting cards. Try covering construction paper with wallpaper scraps.

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