7 Tricks Every Driver Needs to Know

Whether we’re commuting, hauling our kids around to school and activities, running errands or traveling for the holidays, we spend almost as much time in our cars as we do in our homes. Yet for all that time, too often our vehicles end up messy, disorganized and uncomfortable. Don’t you think it could be better? The Crazy Russian Hacker did, and he’s here today to show us SEVEN ways to make our cars cleaner, more organized, and just plain cooler. Check them out, then read on for our recap.

So did you catch all of those ideas? Let’s make sure we’ve got them all!

  1. Do your cup holders collect tons of miscellaneous, unidentifiable junk? Get them clean and, more importantly, keep them clean with one genius item: cupcake liners! Clean out the cup holders, then just drop in a liner. If you start to accumulate junk again, all you have to do is pull out the liner, and voila! Clean cup holder, always.
  2. Anybody who shares a car knows the struggle of always having to readjust the driver’s seat after the other person takes it for a spin. Make things easier and faster by marking your ideal position with small pieces of duct tape.
  3. Driving a take-out pizza home? Avoid the dreaded sliding cheese by stacking two water bottles on top of each other in the passenger seat, then positioning the pizza box on top of them. The pizza will stay flat and the cheese will stay in place!
  4. Everybody’s faced the struggle of how to bring all the groceries into the house without dropping anything, while also wrangling cranky kids and facing chilly weather. Make it easier and more efficient by designating a laundry basket as your grocery basket, and storing it always in the trunk of your car for the purpose of grocery bag carrying.
  5. Do you know off hand which side of the car your gas tank is on? Do you know how to tell if you’re driving a borrowed or rented car? The answer’s easy: look at the gas gauge! Next to the icon is an arrow pointing to the correct side of the car.
  6. Parking a car in a crowded garage can be tricky, especially if you store things on the floor and out of the line of a driver’s sight. Give yourself better guidance by tying a long piece of string or rope from the ceiling of the garage at the point you should stop when you pull the car into its space. Duct tape a tennis ball to the end. When you pull in and gently hit the soft tennis ball, you’ll know you’ve parked correctly!
  7. Amplify the range of your key fob by holding it underneath and against your chin when you press the button. It’s weird, but it totally works, and will save you lots of frustration in large parking lots if you forgot where you parked!

So smart! What do you think of these car hacks? Have you ever tried any before? Are there any you think should be added to the list? Share in the comments!