Olive oil is a real life miracle elixir. Literally, it taste amazing in food, does wonders for your beauty routine, and now you can use it around the house! Just one more reason to love it…or 7 more reasons to love it, actually. Is there anything this liquid gold can’t do? Let’s find out. Watch the video below to learn about 7 new ways you can use olive oil around the house.

Who knew, right? You thought olive oil was just for dipping bread in at fancy restaurants. Now you’ll be stocking up on the good stuff for these 7 awesome hacks.

Soothe Your Throat – Olive oil has a moisturizing, soothing property to it (it’s great for dry, irritated skin). Swallow a spoonful to soothe an irritated throat! Same general idea.

Keep Food Off Utensils – You know when you stick your knife in, say, jelly or peanut butter? Then it’s ALL OVER your knife. Dip your knife in olive oil first and like magic, you’ll have a stick-free utensil.

Un-Stick a Zipper – Nothing stinks like a stuck zipper. Don’t panic, dab some olive oil on where it’s sticking and you’ll find it’ll be working smoothly.

Buff Your Shoes – To get rid of dirt, nicks, and dullness on your fancy shoes, buff with olive oil.

Shine Metal Plates – Get your fanciest plates sparkling with a little rub down of olive oil!

Un-Squeak a Hinge – Squeaky hinge? Silence is golden. Put some olive oil on the door hinge and you won’t hear a peep.

Shine Furniture – Wooden furniture can look dull. Shine it up all-naturally with some olive oil.

Do you use olive oil for any household hacks? Share them in the comments section below.