When wrapping your gifts this year, why not think outside of the box? You can save some money and be admired for your creativity by utilizing items you already have on hand. Take a look at some great ideas we found:

Make a Gift Bag Out of an Envelope

Use a plain old envelope to make a lovely little gift bag for smaller gifts you’re giving out this year.

Make a Bow Out of a Magazine Page


This project is simple, but the outcome is very impressive. This bow is sure to make any gift (even if it’s simply wrapped in brown paper) look gorgeous.

Use Doilies Instead of Gift Tags


Add some elegance to an otherwise plain gift wrap.

Wrap a Gift in an Old Shirt

Here’s a great way to recycle an old shirt that was already in the “donate” pile in your home.

Use a Map


Are you giving a gift to a friend who loves to travel? Then wrap their gift in a map!

Use a Bit of Nature


Just slip a little plant (pinecone, Christmas tree clipping, etc) under some twine to make brown paper wrapping look elegant and rustic.

Use Your Craft Stash


Have a stash of random poms poms, felt, ribbon or other miscellaneous craft supplies? Use them in your gift wrapping!