7 Awesome Christmas Hacks to Improve Your Holiday Season

Christmas is right around the corner (can you even believe it?) so while you’re preparing your home for the holiday, check out some of these cool tricks and tips!

1. Make Your Christmas Tree Look Fuller

If your Christmas tree is looking a little lackluster, just grab some shiney green tinsel and use it to fill out the empty spots in your tree.

2. Ready-Made Cookie Containers

Old aluminum foil and saran wrap containers make for great cookie gift boxes.

3. Cuter Hot Chocolate

Up your hot chocolate game by adding a decorative flourish. Simply freeze some whipped cream on a cookie sheet and use a cookie cutter to cut out shapes for your cocoa, like this chocolate heart.

4. Easy Candy Sleigh Gifts

These make for excellent little gifts for teachers and kids.

5. Add Peppermint to Everything

Got extra candy canes? Break them up in a blender, then add them to things like cookies, ice cream, hot cocoa, cocktail rims and more.

6. Make Crock Pot Hot Chocolate

Because hot chocolate is good and more hot chocolate is better.

7. Create a Christmas-y Guacamole Appetizer

Serve guacamole on pita triangles using this recipe.