When Ellen uploaded a video of dance teacher, Shirley, slaying a dance routine set to Bruno Mars’ popular “Uptown Funk”, the internet exploded. Even Bruno Mars himself was blown away by how this woman nailed a Bruno-worthy hip hop routine. Sadly, Shirley will be retiring at the age of 60, so Ellen has invited her on her show to give Shirley and her kids one more chance to show their stuff! Watch the video below to see the amazing dance routine.

Now these young kids are EXTREMELY talented, but you can’t help but keep your eyes glued to Shirley! And it’s not just her fierce pink, bedazzled sweat jacket, either. She can seriously move!

To make things even better, Shirley obviously loves her kids and the kids obviously adore Shirley. It’s so awesome that they got an amazing role model and such a talented teacher to learn from!