Those food scraps that you may usually just compost or throw away could lead to a whole other meal possibility. When it comes to the following food leftovers, don’t toss them. Use them!

  1. Carrot, Celery and Fennel Leaves

    You can mix small amounts of these finely chopped leaves with parsley as a garnish or in salsa verde.

  2. Citrus Peel

    Oven-dry the skin of organic, thin-peeled tangerines at 200 degrees. Then use to season stews or tomato sauces.

  3. Corn Cobs

    Once you’ve eaten all of the kernels, simmer the cobs with onions and carrots to create a simple stock. You can also add them to the broth for corn or clam chowder.

  4. Potato Peels

    Deep fry big peel pieces in 350-degree oil and sprinkle with salt and paprika for a nice snack.

  5. Tomato Scraps

    Put tomato scraps in a sieve placed over the bowl. Then salt well and gather the pale red juices for gazpacho, Bloody Marys or risotto.

  6. Tomato Leaves and Stems

    Steep these in hot soup or tomato sauces to add a “gardeny” flavor. Just make sure you discard leaves after steeping.

  7. Watermelon Seeds

    You can actually roast these like pumpkinseeds, then salt them for flavor.

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