6 Ways to Make Use of Pureed Pumpkin

Got leftover canned pumpkin or pumpkin that you pureed yourself? There are a multitude of ways to use it other than for making pumpkin pie. Take a look at some ideas from YunSugar:

  1. Cook It Into Risotto: this dish takes 15 minutes to put together. All you really need is pre-cooked white rice, white wine, pureed pumpkin, sauteed onion and a few other pantry items.
  2. Add It to Soup: make a delicious and creamy roasted pumpkin soup with some fall spices and a few simple veggies.
  3. Create a Rick Pasta Sauce: make a decadent pasta sauce by mixing together pumpkin puree with cream cheese. Then just toss with your favorite cooked pasta.
  4. Fill Your Ravioli: pumpkin makes the perfect filling for ravioli or wontons. Experiment or use this recipe as a guide.
  5. Bake It Into Bread: use pumpkin to make a delicious bread that’s perfect for fall.
  6. Substitute in for Squash: in recipes like this butternut squash and sage lasagna, you could just use your leftover pumpkin instead. It has a similar texture to the squash puree and also a similar flavor.

Find more great ideas over at YumSugar’s Beyond Pumpkin Pie: 10 Ways to Make Use of Pureed Pumpkin.