While a lot of people obsess about pumpkin spice everything in the fall, I have another favorite fall flavor. Apples.

That’s right; it’s apple harvest season. One of my favorite fall activities is going apple picking with my family. This is something I’ve looked forward to every year since my childhood and an activity I now enjoy with my own kids.

While I love biting into a juicy apple, I tend to pick way too many apples to eat them all one by one. I intentionally pick a lot so that I can use them for my favorite apple recipes. While there are endless apple recipes out there, there are some that stand out.

One that comes to mind is Braided Apple Walnut Strudel. This impressive dessert (or breakfast) is easy to make and super impressive when you bring it to the table. I love this dessert for a dinner party or a potluck, but sometimes I make it as a special treat for my family for breakfast. Don’t judge. Yes, we put vanilla ice-cream on it too.

A recipe that’s even more impressive is Apple Roses. It’s amazing how easy it is to make sliced apples look just like roses. This desert is a showstopper that will amaze and delight anyone who you choose to share it with. It’s definitely Insta-worthy.

Another favorite is Homemade Cinnamon Apple Rings. These are deep fried and delicious. Think of it as a sweet, fall alternative to onion rings. It’s a great change from apple pie, and they’re amazing with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

While I could talk all day about my favorite apple recipes, I’d rather go actually make one (or a few) of them with the apples I picked at the orchard, so I’ll leave you with a video that shows you how to make 6 apple recipes that you really need to try this fall.

Which one of these recipes are you going to try first? What’s your favorite apple recipe?