Parenting is no walk in the park, so parents; when we find tips to make your lives easier, we’re anxious to share them with you ASAP. We’ve shown you some great hacks in the past, and now we’ve got more clever tricks to add to the bunch:

1. Help your kids put their shoes on the correct feet.

parent1One Creative Housewife

2. Use little take out cups to store pacifiers and keep the sanitary.


3. Turn chores into a game!

parent3Picassa Web

4. Use a cut up pool noodle to toddler-proof a door.


5. Fill a glove with pearled barley or bean, give baby a few pats, then slip away stealthily. Just be sure that you sew the glove closed so that the filling doesn’t turn into a choking hazard.


6. A “safety spot” sticker on your car can make sure that kids don’t wander off while you load or unload the car.

parent6Parking Pal Magnet