Parenting is never easy, and it sometimes seems that no matter what decisions parents make, they are being judged by someone. In some cases, there are right and wrong ways to do things, but in many cases, it’s up to what works for a particular family.

For example, while there are many, many people who would tell you never to co-sleep with a baby, there are many people who break that rule and claim that it works well for them. 

Often this “judging” comes from a place of care and concern for the safety of the child. For example, in the case of co-sleeping, some of the concerns are that the baby might fall off the bed or the parent might roll over on top of the child in the middle of the night.

Co-sleeping aside, there are many other areas in which parents are judged, like whether or not they go to work or stay home with their kids, how much screen time they allow their children to have, and what activities they allow their children to participate in.

Speaking of activities, how do you feel about a baby waterskiing? That’s probably not an activity that you commonly think about when it comes to babies. It seems like it wouldn’t even be possible, but for parents who love water skiing and who are determined to pass that love onto their child, it turns out that it is 100% possible.

On September 12, 2020, Casey and Mindi Humphreys posted a video of their 6-month-old son waterskiing at Lake Powell. 

Since they posted the video, there has been mixed feedback. Some people think it’s adorable. Other people think it is horribly dangerous and that the baby could’ve easily drowned.

Good Morning America talked to the parents, who defended the video and explained everything they did to ensure the safety of their child. Watch the interview below.

One viewer commented on the video above, “I’m not sure who all is complaining but the baby is NOT lol He’s living the enjoying his young life.” That does seem to be true. In the video, it does look like the baby enjoys waterskiing.

Another viewer commented, “I agree the baby is too young but guess what? ITS NOT MY BABY!!! It’s their business. Mind your own.”

Does the parents’ explanation reassure you that their baby was safe on the water?