Cleaning upholstered furniture can be tricky. I just successfully removed a musty odor from one of my upholstered chairs, but it took rubbing baking soda into it and letting it sit for about 12 hours before I vacuumed it up. Now it smells good as new!

If you’ve got a stain in your upholstery, however, try out one of these frugal tips from Apartment Therapy:

Hydrogen Peroxide

Start blotting as much of the stain as you possibly can. Then, mix together a teaspoon of eco-friendly dish soap with a cup of hydrogen peroxide.

Blot it on the stain, with a dry towel behind the fabric to soak things up. This works on carpet, clothing, and other fabric, too. We’ve seen a glass of red wine literally disappear from snowy white carpet. Hydrogen peroxide can also remove ink stains.

Whipped Detergent

Fill a container with a mixture of half dish detergent and half water. Use a hand mixer to whip it up. Then use a rag to rub and froth this mixture onto the spot. When you’re done, rinse with water.


For a good general stain remover, mix shampoo with water, then use to clean up messes.

For 3 more methods, check out Apartment Therapy’s 6 Ways to Green Clean Your Couch Upholstery.