Just because a food has expired or gone past its Sell By date doesn’t mean that it should be tossed out. Save your money and make sure you understand the secrets of shelf life and expiration dates. Here are 6 things that aren’t necessarily bad when they expire:


The Sell By date on that carton of eggs is mean tot help retailers manage turnover, not necessarily to manage freshness. Eggs can last up to 3 weeks past the use by date. If you’re unsure if an egg is still good, just try this trick.


Because of the pasteurization process, milk can last up to a week longer than the expiration date..

Hard Cheese

Hard cheese can last for up to 3 months past its expiration date. If you see some select moldy spots, you can cut off the mold and eat the good parts.


Cereal boxes usually have the text “best before” printed on them, but this date just determines when the cereal is still at peak quality. It doesn’t “go bad” after the expiration date.


You can ignore bread’s Sell By date if you put it in the fridge. It will keep fresh for up to 2 more weeks in the fridge.


Fruit juice that doesn’t require refrigeration can last for up to a year.

Not sure if a food is good or bad? Just do ask the following simple questions – Does it look right? Smell right? Taste right?