6 DIY Delights To Make Your Kitchen Happier

It seems like the more recipes and cooking techniques we master, the more equipment and tools we acquire. We love new “toys” as much as the next home chef, but there’s one problem: we’re running out of room! Since buying a new home isn’t really an option for any of us, we have to make do with what we have— and that’s when it’s time to get creative! Luckily, All You is here with some inspiration for DIY projects that will make our kitchens happier, brighter, and more organized. Check them out!

  1. Kitchen Tablet Holder
    KitchenTabletHolderMamie Jane's

    Who uses paper cookbooks anymore? With more and more of us bringing our tablets into the kitchen, we need a safe place to keep them, and this idea from Mamie Jane’s is perfect. Transform an old cutting board into a shabby-chic tablet holder to avoid messes and trendy prices.
  2. Baking Rack
    Baking RackCookies, Crafts and Chaos

    We just adore this simple idea from Cookies, Crafts and Chao that transforms an old magazine rack into the perfect baking rack. We don’t get a lot of magazines anymore, but we DO have lots of cookie, muffin and cake pans that need organizing, and we’re sure you do, too! The original idea goes for a French countryside look, but you can paint it however you like.
  3. Cutting Board Organizer
    DeskOrganizerCuttingBoardsReal Simple

    Another DIY organizational idea that brings the office into the kitchen. This time, it’s Real Simple suggesting using a desk organizer – the kind for holding file folders and papers – to keep your cutting boards nicely organized. You can also use it for cookie sheets, jelly-roll pans and other flat items!
  4. Magnetic Spice Jars
    MagneticSpiceOrganizerOne Lucky Pickle

    You’ve seen spice organizers like this one before, we’re sure, but do you know what makes this one from One Lucky Pickle special? It repurposes leftover baby food jars! Not only will you be upcycling, but you can choose the spices you keep, and store more of them than you get in tiny, store-bought organizer jars.
  5. Enamel Mug Organizer

    If you’re a well-known coffee or tea drinker, everybody’s go-to birthday gift for you is probably a mug, a sweet idea until you end up with way too many of them cluttering your kitchen. What to do with them all? Try this genius idea from Homeroad and turn them into a wall-mounted organizer perfect for any room in your house!
  6. Utensil Holder
    Rake Utensil HolderEasy Homesteading

    Running out of drawer space for all of your specialized kitchen utensils? Clear some room, decorate your walls and reuse old gardening equipment by turning a rake into the perfect rustic utensil holder, as Easy Homesteading suggests!

All of these are so creative and so easy, don’t you think? We’re going to try turning a magazine rack into a baking rack first. What about you? Be sure to check out All You’s original list for even more ideas, then tell us which project you’ll be tackling first!