6 Clever Space Saving Hacks for Your Kitchen

Even if you have a kitchen full of cabinets, it can be hard to find enough space to house all of the gadgets, dishes, food, and pans that we need to cook with. If you find yourself constantly struggling to find room in your kitchen for everything, these six space saving hacks can clear up some room and create a stress-less kitchen in no time. Even if you’re strapped for cash, some of the best home warranty companies can cover kitchen-related issues.

1. Utilize your inner cabinet doors

The inside of your cabinet doors is a great space to store items that usually get lost in your cabinets. Small wire racks can be screwed in or hung to hold pot and pan lids, Tupperware lids, cleaning supplies, or utensils. This is a great way to use wasted space and easily find pieces that you have to dig for or that get lost easily.

Your upper cabinet doors can be fitted hooks on the inside that can hold measuring cups and measuring spoons, or chalkboards for jotting down quick to-do and shopping lists.

2. Fill up your wall

If you’re constantly struggling to find space in your kitchen and have used up all available space, look towards your kitchen walls to help out. You can find and hang baskets or shelving to create more room for your kitchen goods. A lone wall full of shelving is a great way to have an open pantry, and organized containers can make it look great. Add labels to your shelving and you have a beautiful, functional, and organized space that otherwise would just be a wall.

3. Use the space above and below your cabinets

If your cabinets aren’t flush with the ceiling, use the negative space to store those kitchen gadgets or equipment that you don’t use that often to free up space for more utilized ones. If you don’t have space above your cabinets that you can reach or use, you can always install framed shelving or attach magnetic strips to the back splash to hang knives and utensils. Also, pull out drawers for under the cabinets are a great place to hold spices or cookbooks.

4. Add multi-level shelves inside your cabinets

If you’re constantly struggling to find space to put your food after your grocery trips, consider adding wire or wooden shelving that adds multiple levels for you to put your food on. This solves the issue of having to take out your canned goods every time you are looking for a specific ingredient, and creates another level of space per shelf.

5. Hang your pans

Many professional chefs hang their pots and pants from the ceiling in their own kitchens, and for good reason. Not only does this clear up some cabinet space that could be used for other things, but it allows you to get to your pans easily instead of fumbling around in your cabinets for the right pot.

6. Use tension rods for flat items

Storing items that are flat in nature, such as cutting boards, lids, and cookie sheets can be frustrating since you have to dig through them all to get to the one you want. Install short tension rods vertically between shelves so that your flat bake wear can now sit upright and you have quick access to them.

You don’t have to have a kitchen full of cabinets to make space for everything, because these kitchen hacks are great ways to conveniently and cheaply add plenty of room to your kitchen. Most of these items can be bought from the store for only a few dollars and only take a few minutes to install, adding several feet of space to your kitchen.