52 Ways to Use the Rubber Band

If you’re like me, you have rubber bands hiding in lots of places in your home. They seem to be items that are always available to me even though I don’t think I’ve ever spent a cent on them. It turns out that these little things that we may take for granted have a lot of great uses. Over at Wise Bread, they’ve compiled a very creative list of 52 uses for rubber bands. A few of them you may be familiar with, but some of them were certainly new to me. Here are some of my favorites from the list:

  • An Eraser: grab a few rubber bands and create a small rubber band ball.
  • A Sports-Glasses Holder: cut a rubber band in half and attach each end to each arm. Make it tight enough and the glasses should stay but around your head.
  • A Handle Grip: wrap a few of these around a walking stick for a more comfortable grip on your hike.
  • A Mail Storage System: hammer two parallel row of nails in the side of a cabinet or back of a door, then stretch rubber bands between them to hold mail.
  • A Finger Exerciser: if your fingers are in need of stretching or rehab, bunch them all together and place them through the center of a rubber band (one that has a lot of tension). Spread your fingers and let them contract. Repeat.
  • A Lid Gripper: don’t pay an arm and a leg for an expensive lid grip. Just wrap a thick rubber band around the rim of a jar lid and twist.
  • A Wine Marker: wrap a different colored rubber band around the stem of each glass the next time you have a dinner party or gathering to differentiate between drinks.
  • A Liquid Marker: you can use a rubber band around a paint can, cleaning solution container, or other such substance holders that you can’t see through to mark how low the liquid is. You can move it down as you use.
  • A Bag Sealer: keep chips, cereal and bagged produce fresh by folding the top of the bag over and wrapping a band around the whole thing.
  • A Pencil Grip: wrap many rubber bands around the base of the pencil or pen where you like to hold it for comfort.
  • A Wax Catcher: wrap a rubber band around a candle and it will stop the wax from dripping on the table.
  • A Stress Reliever: make a squeezable ball from lots of rubber bands.
  • A Leak Fixer: a temporary solution, but use a strong, fat rubber band to wrap around a pipe to slow a leak.

Check out 52 Uses for Rubber Bands for the full list!