Every frugal person hates throwing things away, so of course, we all love finding ways to reuse and recycle common household items. We’ll reuse basically everything, from bottle caps to toilet paper tubes, Coke cans to furniture.

One we never thought we’d find a way to upcycle, though? Light bulbs! After all, a dead light bulb is pretty useless, right? Wrong! Household Hacker actually found five super-cool ways to reuse them, and we want to try every single one. Look at all you can do with them!

1. Salt and Pepper Shakers

Fill clean hollowed light bulbs with salt and pepperHouseholdHacker in Rumble
    1. Clean out the hollowed bulbs with water and soap and allow to dry, then simply use a funnel to add salt, pepper, or your other favorites spices. Old bottle caps work great as toppers; just punch a few holes in the top with a nail or needle!

2. Anywhere Solar Lights

Attach a hollowed light bulb to a solar garden lightHouseholdHacker in Rumble
    1. Take apart solar-powered garden lights and attach a hollowed bulb to the top portion of the light. Hot glue a picture bracket, tie on fishing line, and hang them up for solar-powered light wherever you want it.

3. Ornament

Add globs of silicone to a dead light bulb to make a spiky ornamentHouseholdHacker in Rumble
    1. Make a spiky, one-of-a-kind ornament or piece of art by adding silicone sealant. Hold the bulb upside-down by the base, press on a glob of the silicone, and slowly pull away to create the spike effect. Household Hacker also did this project with a live LED light, but

be careful! High heat will cause the silicone to melt.

    1. We think it’s easier, and safer, to simply make some creative art with a dead bulb.


4. Lucky Bamboo Bulb

Turn a thin dead light bulb into a rocky planter for bambooHouseholdHacker in Rumble
    1. Is your dead light bulb long and thin? Hollow it out as you would the others, then fill it with tiny pebbles from the neighborhood or a craft store. Work a thin piece of bamboo into the bulb and among the rocks, covering any remaining root system. Then, just add water, and you’ve got a fun


    1. !

5. Oil Lamp

Fill a hollowed spotligh bulb with lamp oil and add a wick to make an oil lampHouseholdHacker in Rumble
    1. This one’s really cool, but

be careful

    1. . To make it, get a wick and some lamp oil. Fill the hollowed bulb halfway with oil. Slide in the wick, pull it out, and then slide in the other end, so it’s covered in the oil.

Keep the finished oil lamp away from anything flammable

    , as you would a candle, and monitor it as it burns.

These are so cool! I’ll definitely be trying the bamboo planter and the salt and pepper shakers. Which ones do YOU think you’ll try? Watch the video from Household Hacker to see how they’re done – including how to safely hollow those dead bulbs – and tell us how it goes for you!