5 Ways to Fix Scratches in Wood

Nothing ruins a lovely wooden piece of furniture like a big, unsightly scratch. Check out some easy DIY ideas from DIY Life for fixing scratches in wood with cheap items you already have on hand:

  • Oh, Nuts: if you are dealing with a scratch that has penetrated beyond the finish, rub pecan or walnut gently across the surface of the scratch. This should fill the wood naturally and cleanly, and the natural oils from the nut will ensure that the solution lasts.
  • Pour on the Mayo:

    If the wood is cracked, and not simply scratched, try a little Mayonnaise. Smooth enough mayonnaise over the crack to fill it, then wipe away the excess and let it sit for one to three days. The protein and oils in the Mayonnaise will help the wood to swell and will actually fill that crack. When the crack has swelled sufficiently, wipe off any remainder and polish to a shine.

  • Make It Up: try using an eyebrow pencil of a similar color to fill in small surface scratches. When you’re done, just fill in the crack and buff it out.

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