Eggs are a staple in the majority of homes across the country. And while they’re pretty easy to prepare, there are a lots of mistakes made on a normal basis when dealing with eggs. Are you a culprit of any of these egg fouls?

1. You’re Frying Eggs in Your Stainless Steel Pan

High-quality stainless steel pans are great for cooking meats and veggies, but if you try to fry eggs in them, you’re most likely going to end up scrambling them. The best choice for frying eggs is definitely a non-stick pan. And if you use a tbsp of butter for 2 eggs, you’ll give them an even nicer flavor.

2. You’re Giving Boiled Eggs a Cold Start

If you try to boil eggs by putting them into cold water and letting them heat up with the water, you’re probably going to have some issues peeling those eggs. Instead, give them a hot start by placing eggs (carefully) directly into already boiling water.

3. You’re Scrambling Eggs in 30 Seconds

If you’re turning the heat all the way up and scrambling an egg in 30 seconds flat, you’re doing it wrong. While scrambling eggs isn’t rocket science, there are some tips that are worth learning to make your eggs taste a lot better. But if you take one tip away from this how-to post, it’s to cook your eggs “low and slow.”

4. You’re Storing Them in the Egg Compartment

That little compartment in your fridge that’s built for holding eggs is handy and all, but it’s surprisingly not the best place to store your eggs to make them last longer. Keeping them in their original container is actually best. The egg carton will help keep your eggs fresh and prevent them from absorbing flavors from other foods in your fridge.

5. You’re Taking Lots of Time to Separate Eggs

If you’re separating eggs the traditional way, you’re not necessarily doing it “wrong,” but you’re potentially wasting time. Use this incredible plastic bottle trick to separate eggs quicker with less fuss.