Dread Vacuuming Your Home? Make It Better With These 5 Smart Tips

I know I’m not the only one among us who HATES vacuuming. It’s the one chore I just avoid like the plague, which doesn’t bode so well for my carpets and floors. Let’s face it, as tedious a chore as it is, vacuuming is arguably one of the most important chores. Imagine all the things smeared across your floors and in your carpets from you, your kids, your pets…yuck. So, as usual, Clean My Space has some fantastic tips for us to make vacuuming a little easier! Watch the video below for 5 helpful tips that will make the process we dread a little less…sucky.

TIP 1: Know Your Attachments
First and foremost, it’s important to know which of your vacuum tools you’ll need and what they each do.

CREVICE CLEANER – This long and skinny guy with the angled tip is for getting in tight space.
UPHOLSTERY CLEANER – Flat with small bristles for your couch, drapes, ect.
HARDWOOD CLEANER – This will have long, protective bristles to protect your floors.
POWER CLEANER – Used on carpets, this attachment is what is usually used on carpets for a nice, clean vacuum.

TIP 2: Baking Soda
Naturally, baking soda is the answer to all things. To get out the carpet stink (especially if you have pets), give your carpet a good sprinkle of baking soda and let it sit. After giving it a while to soak in, give it a regular vacuum for an extra clean carpet.

TIP 3: Beautiful Cut Lines
This technique is called the “W” Pattern. Starting in the corner of your room (you’ll want to break up your room is it’s large), pull back and forward 3 times, on the third time pulling back at an angle to start a new line. This will create really sharp lines all over your carpet area and prevent you from stepping on your beautiful work.

TIP 4: Slow And Steady
Vacuuming is not a race! Keep it slow and paced so you don’t run out of steam too fast.

TIP 5: Vacuum To The Door
You always want to start vacuuming in the corner of the room across from the door – never start at the door! Also, plug in the vacuum by the door, so you can avoid stepping on your clean carpets. That would be so sad.

Do you have any vacuuming tips? Share them below!