5 Uses of Eggshells in Your Garden

Who knew that there’s more to eggs than what’s on the inside? Their shells can be surprisingly helpful to gardeners. If you have a green thumb and are looking for easy ways to improve your garden, take a look at these 5 uses for eggshells. Just make sure you rinse out the shells before using them.

  1. Add crushed eggshells to the bottom of planting holes. This will help to make sure your plants have a much-needed steady source of calcium. The eggshells will nourish the soil as they break down.
  2. Make a pot out of an eggshell to start plants from seed. Then you can plant the entire “pot” in your garden.
  3. Crush up eggshells and apply to the soil’s surface to keep pests like slugs, snails and cutworms away from your garden.
  4. Add eggshells to your compost pile to add calcium to finished compost.
  5. Put crushed eggshells near your bird feeder to help birds, especially females, get some extra calcium in their diet.

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