Bananas are a tasty, relatively inexpensive (and healthy) treat. But there are many other ways that you can use bananas when you’re not hungry. Here are some great ideas from care2. You can also use the peel for a lot of these tips so that you can still enjoy the banana itself as a snack!

  1. Whiten Teeth: rub a banana peel on your teeth for about 2 minutes when you brush your teeth and you’ll be on your way to whiter teeth in no time.
  2. Treat Insect Bites: are you a mosquito magnet in the summer? Just rub a peel over your bites to alleviate the itching.
  3. Treat Bruises, Cuts and Scrapes: for those summer playtime boo-boos, just rub a banana peel over these affected areas to help with the healing process.
  4. Treat Damaged Hair: use Dr. Oz’s banana conditioner recipe to be on your way to healthier hair.
  5. Polish Leather and Silver: instead of using pricey cleaners, rub the surfaces of silver and leather with banana peels and buff with a cloth to clean.

Check out more cool ideas for bananas and peels over at care2’s 15 Surprising Uses for Bananas.